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Kenan is a marine scientist and freelance photographer. His scientific work has brought him to countries around the world but has been primarily concentrated in and around temperate coastal waters. His primary scientific interests lie in temperate water ecology and organismal interactions within ecosystems. He has worked on projects investigating the resilience of Irish kelp forests (KelpRes), long-term monitoring of kelp forests and rocky intertidal habitats of California, habitat association and cohort structure of the Mediterranean giant fan mussel, Pinna nobilis and several other projects.

Kenan's photographic range includes action sports, scientific documentation, and underwater photography. His work has been published by Surfline, Oceanographic Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Magicseaweed, and Surfing, among others. His work can also be found in a number of scientific publications, reports and presentations. Kenan has also done commercial and lifestyle work for companies including Thieves, Toyota Santa Cruz, Hotline, and Plantronics. 

Through his time working in remote and challenging environments, his scientific knowledge, and his photographic experience, Kenan is passionate about integrating his skills to document unique stories in the natural environment and bridge the gap between scientists and the general public.

Kenan is available for assignments and can be reached through the "Contact" tab.

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